Other Hexed OBs

If it's a hexed original breed and isn't a dane, dali, or lab, it'll be on this here page. Newest hexies are at the top, oldest at the bottom.

Money Cats Available
This hex was inspired by the money cats from the animated movie "Gay Pur-ee". The money cats were the main antagonist's lackeys in the movie. They have that very stylized look that makes them fun. I used the black & white shorthair as the base, as their personality seemed the most fitting. I used the redrib texture to give them a flat shadow -like appearence. Customizable: colors and textures.

Russian Bloo RBs Available
I wanted to hex a breed I hadn't done before, so I selected the Russian Blue. I had also decided that I wanted to use some blues in the 140-149 range, so this ended up being a good fit. They're still Russian Blues, just with a different shade of blue. I added some white and cream to accent them, because white and cream look nice with pretty much anything. I used the stripe3 texture to give them a different look, I like using stripe3. A litter of these were given away on RKC. Customizable: colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 194/194, 62/62, 45/100, 71/71, 177/177, 80/220.

Bubblegum Allies Available
Some pretty pink alley cats! I chose a color scheme of white and pink, and these ended up reminding me of bubblegum. They have wizard texture on their bellies, and plush elsewhere. A litter of these were sold on Wiskerwick. Customizable: colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 100/73, 5/5, 174/174, 206/254, 132/20, 191/191.

Bullmutts Available
Oh noes! The cuteness! I love bulldogs, and didn't think I could make them any cuter, but man oh man. I wanted to make something like a cross between a bulldog and a mutt, a bull mixie. I enlarged them a little, gave them longer floofier tails, and half floppy addball ears, and bam! They come in various colors and patterns. I sold some on PUGS, they are a lot of fun to make. Customizable: Colors, patterns, and textures. Adopted Customs: 1 2 3 4 5

Binturongs: Available
This file was hexed to fill a request on RKC for a Binturong hex. I'd never heard of a binturong before, but looking at the pictures of RL binturongs, I thought id't be fun to try to hex. The OB Persian file was used as the base. I haven't hexed many wilds, but I liked how these came out, they're so cute. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Tickle My Freckles Scotties Available
I did these right after doing the Leftover Lunch Mutts. This is my first scottie hex, actually. Scotties are seldom hexed, so a little variety is nice. My idea was to have ticking on their lower halves, then a blanket type pattern up top. I didn't make any other changes to the scottie base, just straight up hex painting. I'm very happy with these, everything came together well. A litter of these went up on RKC as freebies. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 166/166, 75/75, 20/20, 140/140, 132/132, 50/50.

Leftover Lunch Mutts Available
Another very random hex. I picked the mutt to work on, then picked a color combo of red, dust, and black. Just some nice simple hex painted mutts, can't go wrong with that. I put a litters of these up on RKC as freebies. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 182/5, 154/142, 63/139, 100/90, 173/45, 120/25.

Oh So Simple Mutts Available
After doing a couple other hexies, I thought I'd pull out a breed I hadn't hexed in a long time. Having chosen the Mutt, I decided I wanted to go for something really simple and old school. Originally, I was basing this hex around the use of one of the internal textures at 0 transparency, but I ended up not liking how it looked, so after trying some other Petz textures, I found I liked how hair3 looked on these guys best of all. They're very "PC retro", but sometimes, less can be more. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 197/192, 145/211, 136/50, 79/218, 60/68, 167/167.

Foxy Cats Available
I don't often hex cats, but felt like trying something a bit different one day, so I opened up the Tabby file and off I went. My original idea was to make something canine from the cat. After a while, I realized it was becoming a fox more than anything, so I kept going, and now we have a Tabby Fox. Customizable: Colors and textures.

BearOwlCat Available
When I saw "The Croods", I thought that some of the creatures in the movie would be a lot of fun to try hexing. So, I took a stab at hexing that bear...owl...cat...thingy. I used the Alley Cat for the base, as I felt it's personality would be fitting. In the end, this is what I got. I'm quite happy with it, I felt I got pretty damn close anyway. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 211/211.

Banana Cream Bullies Available
I love PFM bullies! It's a shame they aren't hexed too often, and I really should do them more myself. These came about when I picked a color combo and went with it. Untextured yellow is rather unusual in hexies, and it's tricky to get it to look right, but I think I succeeded here. The cream, white, and pale yellow really work well together. I also made a calico version as well. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 223/212, 70/70, 162/164, 131/130.

Banana Cream Calis Available
Here's the counterpart to the Banana Cream Bullies. After doing the bullie file, I decided I wanted to make a catz version for those who prefer catz to dogz. These are the same as the bullies, just in calico form. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 60/64, 253/253, 173/120, 175/175.

Stormy Day Mutts Available
My first mutt hexie, I like this color combo. They're double textured, have lots of paintball patches, mottled noses, and a target chest patch. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 113/113, 6/6, 190/191, 140/140. Adopted customs: 1

Just Peachy Bullies Available
My first bulldog hexie, I like these. I felt like hexing something different, and rarely see hexed bulldogs. They're double textured, with cream circles on the white parts and white circles on the cream parts. They're lineless, I think it works with these. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 213/213, 100/100, 20/20, 219/219, 153/153, 176/176.