So, you're looking for pets to adopt? Cool, okay, first you must sign a little release waiver. Just the usual stuff, you know. (Barguestspirit is not legally responsible if any adopted pets happen to scratch/bite/maul anybody, or steal anybody's credit cards and run up the bills.) Got that out of the way? Good, on to...

Adoption Rules:

The rules and contact info will be included in each pet's profile. Please don't delete it.

Unless otherwise noted, all of these pets are bred in P4, so they will work in Petz versions 3, 4, and 5. If a pet requires any extra files, that will be noted. If they do need extra files, I will either provide a link to where the files can be downloaded, or I can send them along with the pet. Assume these pets are inbred and tree-trimmed. The POL-"pick of the litter" is just a little old school thing that is really down to my own personal prefence, if I had to choose one from a litter kind of thing, and doesn't really mean anything beyond that.

Okay, got all that over with, on to the pets! In order to adopt, simply e-mail me at barguestspirit @ with the name/s of the pet/s you want to adopt. Please put "adoption" somewhere in the e-mail subject. These adoptions are first come first serve.

Stricken names are already adopted.

Primrose X Chino

Scale Scat Scarab Scan Scar

Males are wearing crowns. A little litter of tamsins, man I love chi ears on these. Scat has a cream chest patch, Scan has a double chest patch, Scar has no chest patches.
POL: Scan

Sigma X Belltello

Babette Hector Monika Ansel Karter

Females are wearing bows. Moar tamsins/dali mixies. Babette has hidden mutt patches (painted green in the litter pic), Monika has chi ears, Karter has scottie ears, and Ansel alone is not a tamsin as he doesn't have any mutt patches.
POL: Monika

Athilda X Bisbee

Kamala Paisley Inigo Cathleen Brylee Arleen

Male wears a party hat. Dane mixies. Inigo, Brylee, and Arleen have hidden mutt patches, painted pink for the litter pic. Paisley has bulldog ears, Kamala has regular dane ears, the rest floppy eared hounds. Arleen has a sheepdog tail.
POL: Kamala

Lana X Paragon

Navy Lentil Fava Garbanzo Pinto Lima

Females wear hats. Lab mixies. Fava and Pinto have regular lab tails, the rest have sheepdog tails. Lentil and Pinto have scottie ears, and no chest patches.
POL: Lima

Mielikki X Emerlich

Mavis Kirsty Gwen Simon Kiley Leland

Males wear crowns. Some more lab mixies. All have mutt patches. Mavis and Kiley do not have chest patches.
POL: Kirsty

Chirp X Brioche

Macaroni Muffin Meatball MashedPotato Mincemeat Muesli

Females wear mohawks. These are bulldog/German shepherd mixies. If you have P5, no extra files are needed, but if you have P3 or P4, you will need the Ubisoft GSD breed file. You can download the P5 breeds for P3 & P4 at Carolyn's Creations. Or I can send you the file if you need. Meatball has GSD ears, Mincemeat has a GSD tail. Macaroni, MashedPotato, and Muesli have white chest patches. All of them are trotters.
POL: MashedPotato

Retha X Cyril

Pointer Proper Passion Plight Pulley Picket

Female wears a mohwak. Bulldog mixies. Pointer has hidden patches, painted green in the litter pic. Proper has a chest patch, Picket has no mutt patches. All of them are trotters.
POL: Passion

Document X Half Dollar

Randi Macy Wendell Lena Amirah Kenan

Male wears a cap. Purebred mutts. I love mutts, you don't see many around unfortunately. Lots of blue coats here, and some nice eyes. Randi and Amirah do not have chest patches.
POL: Lena

Creamila X Income

Tumble Humble Mumble Rumble Bumble Grumble

Males wear caps. These are purebred dali OW border collies, bred with the ultimate merle border collie OW file in. There are no extra files required to have any of these pups in your game, but if you want the OW file for breeding with, you can download it at Aussome.
POL: Grumble

Terrace X Pretext

Review Represent Receipt Reserve Rehearse

Males wear crowns. These are lab mixies, bred with Mandi's adorable beagle OW file in. No extra breed files are required to adopt, but you can download this OW file at Cargo. Review has hidden mutt patches, painted pink in the litter pic. Receipt has scottie ears. Represent, Reserve, and Rehearse have white chest patches.
POL: Represent

Torini X Myst

Aspen Fir Ponderosa Hazel Redwood Maple

Males wear crowns. These are purebred CK huskies. You do need the CK husky breed file to put these in your game, you can download it at Faepetz Archive. I love CK huskies. All of the pups in this litter are trotters.
POL: Maple

Vindaloo X Certify

Golf Basket Soccer Tennis Volley Racquet

Females wear hats. These are purebred Aussies. These do require the file (any Aussie file with offset #25079) to put in your game. I can send the file I used to breed this litter along with the pup.
POL: Basket

FrickFrack X McCall

Fusilli Farfalle Orzo Vermicelli Rigatoni Penne

Females wear devil horns. Some alley cat mixies. Fusilli, Rigatoni, and Penne have face streaks. All have alley cat personalities.
POL: Rigatoni

Galixa X Chopin

Sash Cash Hash Gash Mash Lash

Females wear mohawks. More Alley mixies. Hash has a poofy tail. All have face streaks except Gash (the face streaks on Cash and Lash are not really visible in the litter pic, but they have them.) All have alley personality.
POL: Mash

Rateema X Tailspin

Parakeet Seafoam Emerald Juniper Chartreuse Pistachio

Males wear party hats. Even moar alley cat mixies. Alley cats make up a pretty sizeable portion of my catz crew, so yeah. Emerald, Juniper, and Pistachio have poofy tails. Parakeet, Juniper, Chartreuse, and Pistachio have face streaks (often hard to see in the litter pic). All have alley personality.
POL: Juniper

Joquine X Trumpet

Wrapper Willpower Wonder Washer Winner Writer

Males wear crowns. Calico mixies. Wrapper has a face streak.
POL: Writer