Uh oh, you've come to the Archive. You might want to consider turning back now. This is where you can check out stuff I've hexed, if you've got a strong constitution. All of these files were hexed in P4, so pets from them will work in P3, 4, and 5. Most of the available files are customizable. If it says colors are customizable, that refers to the base coat colors as well as paintballs. Where taken eye colors are listed, these refer to eye colors taken from the version of the pet depicted in the example image. You can still get a pet from the file with taken eye colors if you want a custom with different coat colors/patterns/textures. If you see something you like and are interested in a trade, just e-mail me. I don't bite...unless you're into that kind of thing, of course *wink wink*. E-mail me at barguestspirit @ hotmail.com. Please put "petz" or "hex trade" somewhere in the subject.

Hexie Availability:
Available: Easy to get, I'll be perfectly open to trading.
Limited: Harder to get, usually because I feel like I don't want to adopt out many more pets from the file. Basically, I'll be a little more selective with what I'll accept as a trade for these.
Retired: Files are retired because I've already adopted out too many petz from it, the file is really super old, I lost the file and don't have it anymore, or because it was hexed special for a person or event and I don't wish to give any more out.

What I'll trade for:
If you're interested in trading for hexies, I'm pretty easy to please. You don't have to be a hexer to trade with me, I like bred petz too. I'll also trade for art or another currency like bones on Whiskerwick or Waja credits. I do prefer pets bred in P4, but I will accept P5 pets if that is what you have.

Things I like in Petz-

That is by no means an exhaustive list, just a basic little list of stuff I like in bred pets. Whatever you have, just run it by me. The worst that could happen is I'll get really super angry, pitch a big temper tantrum and start screaming, cursing, and throwing things at you. Or I'll just politely decline. *shrug*