Hexed Breeds

This page is for all hexies that aren't based off the original breed files that came with the Petz game. They require an additional breed file to adopt.

There's Sand In My Dirt FRHs: Available
Here's another random FRH hex (Supernova FRH file). They use 4 different internal textures. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Springtime Flutterby FRHs: Available
More FRHs! (Supernova FRH file) I had an idea for a spring themed hex that would have butterfly-like wings, curlyques, and pastel Easter/spring-like colors. So this was the end result. I like them, they're kind of whimsical, and the gradient patches look nice. I made some in different colors and put them up as a freebie raffle on RKC. Customizable: Colors and textures. Adopted customs: 1

There's No Mail On Sundays: Available
The first hex I completed after coming back from a hiatus. I wanted to try to get back into the swing of hexing. I chose the FRH (Supernova file) as it's such an adorable, fun file. These guys are pretty random, just playing around. I do like the color combo I used though, the blue/dust/white. They use internal textures, like 5 of them. The name was because I was hexing these on a Sunday, and I had been waiting for something I had ordered to arrive in the mail, but realized it wasn't going to come that day since it was a Sunday. *sad* Anyway, I put a litter of these up for adoption on RKC after hexing them, people seemed to like them and they were adopted. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 62/131, 154/154, 110/120, 253/253, 74/207.

Tree Hugger Java GSDs: Available
More Java German shepherd hexing, this time with an earthy theme. They have tree tattoos on their hips. I adopted some out on the BCKC forum back when it was still around. Adopted Customs: 1

Quilted Roughies: Available
I've always liked Abnormality's rough collie file, so did a little simple hex painting with it. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Ribbon Aussies: Available
These are hex painted "Hurricane" Aussies, which were very popular in the PC at the time I hexed these. Named for the ribbon-like pattern on their coats. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Ivy Java GSDs: Available
I really like this hex. Again, using the Java German Shepherd file, the ivy pattern came out really well here. I made a rainbow texture for these, it looks cool, and the colors can change as the dog moves. Customizable: Colors and textures. Adopted customs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Piebald Abno Huskies: Available
Some Abnormality Siberian huskies with simple piebald patches. I put some of these up for adoption on Legend Ink back when it was around. Customizable: Colors and textures. Adopted customs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Holiday Rats: Retired
I hexed these from VPZ's standard rat file. These where made special for Winter holidays, so they have candy canes in their mouths, and Santa hats hexed onto their heads. The three rats pictured were gived out as gifts for Christmas in 2007.

Anatomically Correct Male Java GSDs: Available
Have you ever looked at a pet and thought "Gee, it seems like something is missing. This dog needs a penis!" No? Well, guess I'm alone then. Whatever. The Java German Shepherd is one of my favorite hexed breed files, so I added something to make them just a tad more realistic. These can come with a sheath and testicals, or just a sheath for neutered dogs. Everything else is fully customizable, colors, textures, and patterns.

Merle Abno Golden Retrievers: Available
Some more Abno golden retrievers, this time with merle. I gave them a little more fuzz, and made both red and blue merle versions. The two pictured where sold on PA. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Iced Over & Glow In The Dark Java GSDs: Available
After making the Iced Over Abno Retriever, I ended up made an Iced-Over version of the Java shepherd for Oxy as a trade. I really liked how they looked, so I decided to add them to my archive. Then I decided to make some in a different color, so I made the Glow in the Dark version. They use two external textures from Cheetah Kennels and VPZ, just like the Abno retriever. Customizable: Colors.

Iced Over Abno Golden Retrievers: Available
Yet another Abno GR hexie, they were a little addicting. Anyway, I got the inspiration for these during a winter cold snap. I had to scrape some ice off my windshield in order to run an errand one night, and noticed how the icey glass looked from inside the car. How some of the ice had formed these little balls or beads, how the light caught it, the colors and everything. It was one of those moments where you suddenly notice something ordinary, something you've never really noticed before, and see how beautiful it actually is. These use a couple of external textures from Cheetah kennels and VPZ. They can also come in different color versions, such as aqua, green, pink, glow in the dark, etc. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 225/225, 20/20, 152/152, 190/190, 155/155, 157/157, 140/140, 144/142.

Aluminum Abno Golden Retrievers: Available
Abno golden retrievers went through a wave of popularity back in 2006-2008. They were pretty big on SPF. I love the color combo I used for these, it's so pretty. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 212/212, 191/191, 156/156, 120/120, 173/173, 152/152, 70/70, 193/193, 154/20.

Autumn Abno Golden Retrievers: Retired
Some hex painted Abno golden retrievers, another old hex. I hexed these around Thanksgiving, so gave them Fall colors. I remember putting a litter of these up on SPF.

Black & Green Abno Golden Retrievers: Retired
Another custom hex painted Abno golden retriever done for a contest winner on SPF.

Harlequin Abno Golden Retrievers: Retired
Back over 10 years ago, when SPF was an active forum, I ran a contest. This was hexed as a custom prize for one of the contest winners.

Tinsel CK Huskies: Retired
Some CK huskies I hexed for the winter holidays, they're double textured. They have tongues to match with their holiday colors as well. Eye colors taken: 151/156, 193/209, 218/220, 229/225.

V-day CK Huskies: Limited
CK huskies hexed special for Valentines day, they're double textured. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 157/152, 70/79, 80/182, 152/70.

Muddy FRHs: Limited
One of my favorite hexed breed files is Supernova's Finnish Reindeer Herder. It's so petzy and fun to play with as well as breed with so many colors. So I decided to hex paint some. These guys are made to look like they've been in the mud, triple textured, and have lots of houla spots on the black part of the coat. These were quite popular when I made them. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 71/71, 120/120, 220/220, 132/132, 156/156, 5/5, 217/217. Adopted customs: 1 2

Spotted Schipperkes: Available
These guys came about when someone on SPF (way back when it was still around) was doing a breeding project to try to get dali spotted schipperkes. That breeding project never panned out, but it gave me an idea for a really simple but cute hexie. So I just added some dali type spots to Supernova's Schipperke file, and made some in various colors. People seemed to like these on SPF back then. Customizable: Colors and textures.

New Years Luck Lungs: Retired
These where made special for New Years 2007. They where hexed from Supernova's awesome Lung file. They use six different textures I made for the rainbow effect. Each has a different colored head jewel and whiskers. I released six of these on SPF when it was around. Retired after New Years 2008.

Chocolate Chip CK Huskies: Retired
My first CK husky hex, these are simple but I think they're cute, and I like the colors. They're double textured, and have cream houla spots in addition to the brown "chocolate chip" spots. I no longer have this file.

Candy Cane Muttlies: Available
Just some simple Christmas themed muttlies with fuzzy wings and candy cane colors. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 22/176, 220/220, 70/70, 135/135, 155/155.