Hexed Labs

Newest hexies are at the top, oldest at the bottom.

Martha Labs: Available
I did this file in answer to a request on RKC for a dog hexed after the character Martha from the kid's PBS cartoon "Martha Speaks". It looked like a really fun hex to try, and I really enjoyed doing it. I'm pleased with the results, this came out so flippin' cute. The yellow coat is an external texture I made. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 105/105

Divine Wajas: Available
After doing the normal Waja hexing project, I had a couple people ask whether I would do the divine breed (original design by Estuko). The divine is definately one of my favorite Waja breeds, so I knew if I ever did try to hex another Waja breed, they would be it. This base came together quite well, I'm very happy with how it turned out. At the time I made this file, the Wajas site had added a lot of new markings, since dyes had come out. I managed to do quite a lot of them, most of the original markings, and some newer ones too. Take a look at the adopted customs to see how they look with markings added. No mutations for this base file, since the base itself approaches the linez limit. Customizable: Colors, textures, and patterns/markings. Adopted customs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Can I Have S'more BMDs: Available
Had a hankering for some BMDs, so out came these. I started this hex without any clear idea of what I wanted, but it developed as I went along. They reminded me of smores. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 218/158, 196/51, 75/45, 110/174, 62/42.

Dragon Labs: Available
I've seen several dragon danes, but I don't recall ever seeing a dragon lab, so I wanted to do one. I wanted to keep the overall lab look, but with dragon-like features. They have dragon-like tails made from addballz, claws, fangs, head horns, snout horn, back horns, and dragon whiskers. I think they're pretty cute. The dragon labs in the example use internal textures. Customizable: Colors and textures. Adopted customs: 1 2 3 4

Butterbrickle BMDs: Available
Some simple old school style BMDs. They use internal textures from dogz and catz. They're hexed from the lab OW BMD file, so no extra breed files are needed. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Scruffy Velvet Labs: Available
Well, of course I couldn't just hex one lab, I had to do another. There aren't enough hexed labs out there to begin with. Cream, dust, and black is one of my favorite color combos, so I went with that. I triple textured these with two internal, and one external texture. The external texture was from Paranoia, which is no longer around, but I can send the furfile along. Customization: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 100/90.

Patched Labs: Available
I was shocked that I had yet to hex any labradors, they are one of my favorite original breeds after all. So, I decided that the next thing I was going to hex had to be a lab. I'm not sure what these are supposed to be, but the spotwork looks kind of like patches, so I called them "Patched Labs". Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 181/171, 7/7. Adopted Customs: 1 2