Hexed Danes

Newest hexies are at the top of the page, oldest at the bottom.

Orange Vanilla Danes: Available
Some simple hex painted danies using the hair3 texture. They made me think of orange vanilla with their color combo. A litter of these were given out on RKC. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 95/90, 213/166, 217/217, 62/62, 125/100, 153/153

Daney Duke Danes: Available
So I hexed a great Dane...from a great Dane! Yep. I wanted "daney-er" dane, or something. They're big and goofy and daney. I wanted them a bit more realistic but still petzy, with good movement. These come in different colors and patterns, based on RL Dane colors and patterns (masked, mantle, harlequin, merle, brindle, dilute, etc.) I had a lot of fun with them, sold several on PUGS. Customizable: Colors, textures, and patterns. Adopted customs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Velociraptors: Available
Dinosaurs are cool. I was in elementary school when Jurassic Park came out, and I loved it. I saw it 12 times in the theaters before buying the movie the day it was released on VHS. The movie might not be paleontologically correct, but I don't care. This hex was inspired by the velociraptors from Jurassic Park. This was my first attempt to hex a dinosaur, as well as my first bipedal hex. They use an external texture I made for their scales. Finally I have a petzy velociraptor in my game that I can dress up with a tie, tophat, and monocle. Sir raptor! Now I can cross that off my bucket list. Customizable: Colors and textures. Adopted customs: 1 2 3

Wargs: Available
These are based on the wargs from "The Hobbit" movies. I liked the change in design from the original LOTR trilogy, I thought the new Wargs looked better, more intimidating. So I wanted to try to hex them, using the Great Dane as a base. I quite like how they turned out. The white warg is based on Azog's mount, the matriarch. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Muttsy Hound Danes: Available
Unfortunately, I'd been on a pretty long hiatus from Petz because of RL shit. When I knew I would have time for Petz again, I felt a need to do a bit hexing, wanting to do something nice but not complicated. My inspiration here was basically mixed mutt type dogs. I started with a dali eared dane, fluffed the tail up just a little bit, slightly enlarged and fuzzed up the paws and lower legs, then added some random looking patches of color around the torso and tail. I splashed some white around, mottled up the nose a bit, and gave it a plush texture for a softer, cuddlier look. They may be terribly simple, but I find them rather cute. A litter of these was put up on RKC as freebies. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 104/2, 140/60, 45/152, 223/93, 209/5, 217/166

Region Danes: Available
I found this file in my hexed files folder, it's a little bit old. I must have had something planned for these, but I don't remember what it was. *shrug* They're pretty old school, very simple markings. They use internal textures. I put a litter of these on RKC as freebies. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 220/220, 153/153, 174/174, 60/138, 110/173, 131/134.

Censored Danes: Available
This was another of those silly ideas for hexes I get, resulting in these danes with black "censored" bars covering their naughty mouths. I can't help but laugh at these. I raffled off some of these on RKC. Customizable: Colors and textures. Adopted customs: 1 2 3 4 5

Soda Stripe Corgis: Available
After finishing the divided corgis, I jumped right into my next corgi hex. I was going for a different sort of spotwork, but it didn't come out quite the way I had envisioned. They're supposed to have a fizzy, bubbley look to them. A litter of these were given out as freebies on RKC. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 65/65, 156/156, 5/223, 133/133, 105/213.

Divided Corgis: Available
I hadn't hexed in a while, and had a craving to hex, so I whipped out the dane OW corgi file, which I'd been meaning to hex with for a while. I was going for something old school and simple. They may be a bit plain, but I think I accomplished the look I was going for. I put a litter of these up on RKC as freebies. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 112/197, 173/181, 95/167, 211/220, 154/148.

Eye See You Danes: Available
I had a strange idea for a dane hex. This is the result of that strange idea. A dane with a big black hand sprouting out of it's head, holding an eyeball. That's a working eyeball, it blinks and moves. It's really creepy, especially when it swivels around and peeks at you between the hand's fingers when the dane is facing away from you. Several internal textures where used. I'm pretty happy with how this hex came out. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 252/218, 134/166, 155/151, 80/80, 120/183.

Normal Waja Danes: Available
This file is inspired by the normal waja breed over on Wajas (original design by Estuko). This was a big hexing project, I wanted to make a waja base that could be used to make custom petz of favorite or nice looking wajas. These were made to be fully customizable, mutations and markings can be added to the base. Mutations available: bird, bat, and butterfly wings, prehistoric horns, saber fangs, unicorn horn, ram horns, leg feathers, and mane. I also did a lot of the original markings, like back swirl, belly spots, SSE, appaloosa, tiger stripes, etc. Take a look at the customs to see what the mutations and markings look like. I later did the divine waja breed, which is over in the Labs section. Adopted customs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Nightmare Before Christmas Cerberus: Retired
This was a custom hexed for a trade from Carolyn Horn's cerberus dane file. Based off "Nightmare Before Christmas".

Tequila Sunrise Danes: Available
I made a chi-eared sheepie-tailed dane file for myself to hex off a long time ago, but never used it. I remembered I had it the other day, so I decided to hex something with it. This is the result. I named them Tequila Sunrise danes because the colors I used reminded me of a sunrise, and I felt it would be a fitting name for them because of their chi ears (Chihuahua+Mexican+Tequila, ya know). Plus I like that song. :) So, they're double textured with in-game textures, and are color customizable. Pick four colors for both halves of the base coat, socks/toes, chest patch, snout blaze, and the thin swirly markings around the body. The nose can be mottled or solid, and eye color is changeable. *Note: The base file I made for these is now available for download over on the Acquire page. Adopted customs: 1 2

Musty Danes: Available
I'm not sure where these came from. I decided I needed to hex a dane one day, so I just started hexing, and this is what I came up with after a while. I don't know what they're supposed to be, they're just sort of random. I didn't really like them at first, and I thought about just scrapping the file, but they're starting to grow on me. They have strange patterns underneath the patches. They are quadruple textured, all internal. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 73/209.

Black & White Danes V2: Limited
The Black & White V1 danes were one of my more successful hexies at the time, though I did them when I was still learning to hex, before I knew much about what I was doing. So, because the black & white danes where so popular, I decided to revisit the file and fix a couple of the things that where bothering me about it. So here's the result, version 2 Black & White danes. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 155/155, 207/207, 223/223

Reno 911 Danes: Available
Some fuzzy danes with bigger legs/paws and tons of paintballz. Named after what I happened to be watching when I hexed them. Customizable: Colors and textures.

X-mas Cerberus: Retired
Ho ho ho! I enjoy hexing on Carolyn Horn's cerbrus file so much, I had to make some special ones for Christmas. These festive three-headed danes are carrying candy canes and tree ornaments. Each X-mas cerberus is special, hexed with different colors, patterns, and textures. These are based off the cerberus dane file made by Carolyn Horn. I hexed the three pictured above as Christmas gifts back in 2007.

Devil Danes V3: Available
A revistation of my previous devil dane files. The new version has new wings with claws, new and better anchored horns and claws, spikier tails, improved addball fuzz, and a new external texture I made for the body. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Grima Danes: Limited
One of my favorite dane hexies, these where hexed after my favorite Lord of the Rings character, Grima Wormtongue. It may sound an odd choice for a favorite LOTR character (especially in a movie with sexy hunks like Legolas and Aragorn), but I've always felt sorry for poor old Grima, he got such a raw deal in my opinion. I've always wanted to hex a dane after him, and this is what I came up with after some planning. The Grima danes have Grima's stringy black hair, broken heart addball tattoos on the right hip to symbolize the pain of unrequited love, fishnet type texture on the front legs and chest using an external texture I made, Grima's pendant necklace (made with a ton of little paintballz), Grima's bicolored eyes, and lots of paintballz around thier bodies. I liked the end result as it came out pretty Grima-like. Customizable: Eye color. Taken Eye colors: 150/153, 175/171, 193/190, 20/15, 154/171, 158/171, 172/174.

V-day Cerberus: Available
A lovely, romantic three-headed dog hexed special for Valentines day from Carolyn's Cerberus file. They have bright pink coats from a texture I made, light pink patches, white mutt type patches, mottled noses, and paintball heart tattoo. Uses Carolyn Horn's cerberus dane file (OW). Customizable: Eye color.

Fall Leaf Hounds: Available
Some hounds hexed in fall colors for the Autumn season. These where hexed from Marley's floppy-eared dane base, and are double textured. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 210/100, 120/120.

Painkiller Danes: Retired
Some grayscale danes. They're double textured, and have black houla spots over the coat along with the white spots. This file was lost.

Tridanes V3: Available
The third tridane. I like this one best. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 2/2, 217/190, 162/40. Adopted customs: 1 2

Tridanes V2: Available
The second tridane. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 60/69, 100/90, 229/225, 182/214, 5/4, 130/138. Adopted customs: 1

Tridanes V1: Retired
The first tricolor dane in a series of 3, each with different markings and spot patterns. This file was lost.

Mochacino Danes: Retired
Just some simple danes with brindle spots. This file was lost.

TB Danes: Available
Another simple tricolor dane. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 172/172, 155/155.

DB Danes: Available
Simple three color dane hexie. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 226/129, 130/130. Adopted customs: 1 2

Marshmallow Cookie Danes: Limited
I like these, just looking at them makes me hungry for marshmallow cookies or granola bars. They use an external texture I made in addition to 3 internal textures. Customizable-Colors of the snout, toes, eyes, nose, and pawpads. Eye colors taken: 8/7, 135/22, 90/100, 164/154, 220/225, 73/193, 173/175.

Desert Sand Danes: Retired
Some simple brindle danes with a white/cream/tan color scheme. This file was lost.

Spilt Milk Danes: Available
I liked how these turned out. Customizable: Colors and textures.

Otex Danes V2: Available
I quite liked the cali5 with steel blue, so here's another version. Customizable: Colors and textures. Eye colors taken: 212/212, 227/211.

Otex Danes V1: Available
I love using the cali5 texture. I find it goes quite well with steel blue. Customizable: Colors and textures. Adopted customs: 1

Monsoon Danes: Available
Some simple danes hexed for southern Arizona's summer rainy season.

Devil Danes V2: Retired
Some cute and extra fuzzy evil danes! They have horns, fangs, claws, spikey tails, and extra fluff on their legs. All internal textures used. Eye colors taken: 80/80, 85/85, 38/38, 20/20.

Devil Danes V1: Retired
Who doesn't like a nice demonic dane? These have little wings, horns, claws, and fangs. The wings, snout, and paws are textured with an external texture I made. Customizable-Snout, wing, and paw texture also comes in gray, green, and purple.

Black & Brown Danes: Retired
Some very simple danes with a black & reddish brown color combo. There are houla spots on the black area. Eye colors taken: 37/37, 41/47, 75/75, 22/22. I no longer have this file.

Brain Cancer Danes: Retired
These danes are very special to me. My father died in January 2004 after a year and a half battle with a cancerous brain tumor. The particular type of cancer he had, glioblastoma multiforme, is a relatively rare but extremely agressive cancer. At this point in time, there is no cure for this kind of cancer. The average life expectancy once diagnosed is only 6-12 months, even with the most agressive treatment. This cancer strikes without regard to age, race, sex, heredity, social status, or class. Watching the mental deterioration that this cancer causes is particularly disturbing. These danes are dedicated to the victims of brain cancer and their families, and to anyone's life who has been touched by this dreadful form of cancer. Each dane has well over 1000 paintballz, all textured, and an addballz gray ribbon on both hips. Two external textures where used, one from PDH, and one from Cheetah Kennels.

Pink Wizard Danes: Retired
Just some black and pink danes, they use an external pink wizard texture I made. Eye colors taken: 223/132.

Black & White V1: Retired
An early attempt at a grayscale dane.

Pumpkin Danes: Retired
Just some simple Halloween danes. I no longer have this file.

Sandspot Danes: Retired
One of the first hexies I was really happy with, they're simple but pretty.

Black Spot Danes: Retired
Simple danes with a white coat and black and gray spots.

Textured Flame Danes: Retired
An early hexie. Simple danes with an external flame texture.

Walnut Danes: Retired
Early hexie, hexed for practice with texturing paintballz.

Oilspill Danes: Retired
An early hexie, hexed for practice with external textures and paintballz. They use an external texture I made.

Random Dotspot Danes: Retired
Ehh, just an early random practice dane. Nothing special.

Albino Danes: Retired
Who doesn't have an albino hexie in their archive? Well this is mine.

Birdseye Danes: Retired
Hexed for practice at using external textures. They use an external "birdseye" pattern type texture.

Cali Texture Danes: Retired
An early try at using textures.

Spiral Danes: Retired
One of my very early hexies, and therefor rather crappy. They have "spiral" shaped addballz tails. Adopted customs: 1