Well well well, what have we here? Are you lost, little lamb? Fear not, for you are found. You are home, and there is no going back. No one leaves this place. Surrounded by cosmic gateways, it lives on the edge of the known and unknown. It is the collection point for all lost and unloved things. But what is this place? Why, it's Corrupted Kibbles, a Petz 3+ site.

What will you find here at Corrupted Kibbles? Trouble. And some stuff and things. The Archive houses my hexed abominations available for perusal, while you can head over to the adoption page if you are looking for pets to adopt. The Acquire page has some goodies for you to snag, while info/about, contact, and tutorials can be found in the Learn section. You can hover over the images of pets scattered about the site to see who they are and where they came from. There may be a few, uh, entities wandering around here. Just try not to make eye contact, and whatever you do, never ever feed the kangeroo potato salad.


7/27/2018-Added 5 hexes to the archive-one in the danes section, one in the dalis section, and three in the other OBs section. Also added one new toy to the acquire page. It's an auto feeder for cats!

6/18/2018-Corrupted Kibbles is back, in a new location, with a new layout. There's even some brand new litters for adoption. I put up a total of 12 dog litters, and 4 cat litters, so go have a look at those. All the files for download should be working correctly. This is the first website layout I've done from scratch, so hopefully everything works and doesn't look too terrible.

For the uninitiated:
What is Petz? Petz is an old school pet sim computer program from the 90s. It may be considered old by today's standards, but it still enjoys a cult following. Don't have Petz? Want to join the tribe? Go here. The original Petz programs have many things to recommend them over the many more modern pet simulators available today. It's extremely customizable, offering the most freedom of any pet sim before or since, there are all manner of things in the game you can change, as well as an enormous collection of files made by others available for download on the internet for adding to your program. Files for pretty much every existing breed and animal have been made (and many that don't exist), not to mention toys, clothes, playscenes, etc. You can breed your own pets, or adopt from others.

You know one of the best things about Petz? NO MICROTRANSACTIONS!! Yep, you heard right. No premium currencies, ads, upgraded accounts, or 5 life limits. Petz is from a time when you could play a game without being nickle and dimed for everything until you bled dry. Another great thing about Petz is the community. There remains a community of Petz players who doggedly continue to keep these old games alive. Petz community members include old veterans who have been enjoying Petz since it's heyday, as well as young people who have only recently discovered the joy of this old program. There's something about Petz and the Petz community that keeps drawing people back. Join us. Join us. Join us. Join us. Join us. Join us...