I hear you saying "Oh noes! I don't have petz! What do I do?" Don't worry love, you don't have to be deprived of Petz for long. This is an easilly rectified problem. All you have to do is first bathe in the blood of a virgin unicorn, sacrifice a real estate agent to the great Moohawhoo, and name your firstborn child "Chi Chi". Or, you can simply do this (if you're running a Windows computer):

-First click to download this thingy:

-Now go here to this page at the Sherlock Software site and click the first link to download PetzA2.2.5
-Now, unzip the first file and click the .exe to install it. If you are running Windows 7 or above, don't install it in the default "program files" location. This can cause some issues in newer Windows versions due to the much tighter security. The commonly recommended location to install is in "My documents" instead. So when the installer asks where you want to install, change that, then let it install.
-Now, install the second file you downloaded, PetzA. It should automatically detect the correct location to install. If you are running Windows 10, there is an issue with PetzA profiles, so make sure that feature is not enable when installing.
-You're good to go! Now, you should be able to start up Petz! Next thing to do is come join the forums and visit other Petz sites. Adopt some pets. There's a plethora of new breeds, toys, clothes, playscenes, etc. that have been made by people over the years that you can download and add to your program if you please. Hop over to the Links page to find other Petz sites to check out.

Note: These files should be safe and free of any viruses/malware/adware/etc. I've never had an issue running them on any computers, and I've installed them on many over the years. Having said that, I can't guarantee that they won't cause a particular computer to explode or something. You assume a risk whenever you download or install anything anywhere. Downloader beware.

If you are running a Mac: I personally don't have any experience with Macs or knowledge of making Petz work on them, but there are people who do. You can go check out another Petz site, Yabiko, you can find a download there for installing Petz on a Mac.