Poke the Beast

Do you have questions about Petz, hexing, or the meaning of life? Comments? Requests? Want to inquire about a trade? Want to join me and my army of mutant lightsaber wielding badgers? Just want to chew the fat? Feel free to contact me.

The most direct way to get in touch is through e-mail (barguestspirit @ hotmail.com) Putting "petz" somewhere in the e-mail's subject will ensure your e-mail doesn't end up in the spam folder.

Other places where you may find me lurking include: RKC forum, Whiskerwick forum, PKC, and PUGS. If you play Monster Hunter 3U or 4U, my name is "Barguest" on there.

What NOT to send me: Spam. Don't do it. I'm talking to all you filthy spammers and spam bots out there. I will hunt you down. No, I don't want any Viagra/Cialis discounts, second mortgages, insurance rate quotes, supposedly easy money-making opportunities, discounted subscriptions to whatever, or letters from strangers in third world countries that begin with "dear friend" and end with an attempt to get my personal and financial info. If you're going to send me porn, at least make it good porn, not the really bizarre stuff. Trolls. Scourge of the internet. I mean it. I will send out my brigade of specially trained meerkat assassins, they can sniff out a spammer within a 100 mile radius. They will fire arrows at the tops of your heads, and make castanets out of your testicals.